Slingshot California Common

Biscuit and Bready malts give our California Common a full body, while German hops gives it a crisp finish.

Yuzu Pale Ale

Our pale ale has a very low bitterness while maintaining a rich hop flavour. Yuzu fruit is added in the fermenter to give this beer a spritzy acidity and an extra layer of citrus and tropical fruit flavour.


Shoreline Saison - SOLD OUT

Our saison has spice characteristics from the Belgian yeast which blends perfectly with its earthy hops and dry finish - an easy drinker with lots of flavour.

3 Kings Ale - SOLD OUT

Our seasonal offering is an earthy pale ale with spice characteristics, brewed with rose petals and hibiscus givingit a subtle floral aroma and flavour.


Entropy Stout 

Entropy is a classic stout that goes down easy. A mild bitterness and oats create a smooth body that has bright roastedflavours of dark chocolate and coffee.


Django Doppelbock - SOLD OUT

Django is fermented low and slow to produce a smooth malt forward lager. You can expect flavours of dark fruit from its ruby red hue and a pleasant mild bitterness in its finish.

Doublespeak Belgian IPA - SOLD OUT

Like the great blonde beers of Belgium the base is simple - European Pilsner malt and sugar. Saaz and Hallertau Blanc hops are added creating spice, white grape and melon flavours. Fermented with a Belgian yeast that compliments all the above!